Our Partners

Millie's would not be successful without our fantastic partners, both in the field and at home. We are acutely aware that our programs can only be sustainable if they have buy-in and input from the local community. Our field partners therefore play a critical role in program scoping, planning, implementation, and evaluation. If you are interested in becoming a field partner, you may contact us via the process outlined below.

Our community partners assist Millie's with their time and resources, helping us deliver high-quality fundraising events and field programs. We are forever grateful for their support. If your organization or company would like to get involved with Millie's, please contact us at info@milliesbookshelf.org.

Jordan Health Aid Society (International)

JHASi provides all people, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religion, or origin, equal access to basic health services. Headquartered in Amman, Jordan, they are a bridge between international organizations, governments, NGO’s, and the local health sector, and support the regional transition towards sustainability in the public health sector. They envision a better life for all peoples across MENA; to achieve this vision, they work with trusted partners to build health sector capacity and offer cost effective programs for all, including a particular emphasis on serving women, children, and vulnerable populations.

Jarir Bookstore USA

Jarir Books serves as America’s source for Arabic books. Founded in 2003 in the Little Arabia district of Garden Grove, California, Jarir hosts an impressive collection of children’s books, young adult novels, historical texts, and dual language Arabic-English classics, among much more.


Each year, Millie’s Bookshelf partners with 1-2 local nonprofits in displacement settings to develop context-specific programming that is responsive to local needs. Prior to beginning operations in a new geographic region, Millie’s requires prospective partners to complete a brief initial needs assessment to:
•Identify existing local resources (such as libraries or bookstores);
•Sample local literacy levels and/or challenges specific to education access
•Gauge interest in programming themes.
This assessment is required to ensure that local resources in the community are not negatively impacted. We are committed to operating in locations where we have community support and will not harm the local economy through duplication of services.


Organizations that are interested in a potential partnership with Millie’s are encouraged to send a 1-page letter of interest detailing the following:
• Organization’s mission and area of expertise
• Geographic region/language in which you operate
• Population you serve (must have some experience with displacement)
• Challenge your population is currently facing (e.g. lack of access to books, low literacy, underfunded education systems, etc.)
• Resources your organization is able to commit to the project, if any
• Type of programming you are interested in (e.g. micro library, reading program, textbook procurement, etc.)
A member of our team will review your letter of interest and share a customized proposal if the opportunity is mutually beneficial. Once a proposal is agreed upon, Millie’s provides the partner organization with an initial needs assessment to implement in the field. Upon a favorable receipt of the survey results, Millie’s and the partner organization may enter into a formalized partnership.


In a typical partnership, Millie’s staff take responsibility for program design, implementation of any required training, fundraising and budget allocation, and monitoring & evaluation.
In return, we seek partners who are willing/capable of contributing in the areas of:
  • Logistics: Support for Millie’s staff travel (on-the-ground transportation, visa welcome letters, security arrangements) for program launch and closing
  • Personnel: Staff member to supervise program launch/closing and serve as a point person for collecting periodic field reports on the success or challenges of the program
  • Management: Commitment to assist in the recruitment of qualified refugee/IDP volunteers if appropriate for program needs & oversee the distribution of program stipends (provided by Millie’s)
For any questions or to submit a letter of interest, please contact Millie's Bookshelf at