We believe that humanitarian programming is most effective when the local population is at the table alongside us. All of our programs are co-led by a nonprofit organization with extensive experience in the local context. These partner organizations help Millie’s implement needs assessments, gather local input, and ensure the long-term sustainability of our programs. This approach ensures that our programs are sustainable, community-driven, and responsive to local needs.


A typical Millie's Reading Corner features 3 bookshelves with 400-600 new books in the local language. As a matter of policy, roughly 10-15% of each installation includes books on Millie's core topics: human rights, women's health, healthy relationships, and regional history and culture. The remaining collection can be customized based on user interest and a partner organization's goals. Before agreeing to install a Millie's Reading Corner in a new area, we verify that we will not unintentionally harm the local economy through a duplication of services.


Rapid Response Libraries (RRLs) were born out of a need to create a mobile library solution. Designed with the fluidity of the Central American displacement crisis in mind, RRLs are a small-scale library contained within a musician-style road case on wheels. They feature approximately 100 books in English or Spanish, 2 kids' chairs/cushions, a rug, stuffed animals, and various learning supplies. Individuals and corporations are invited to sponsor a Rapid Response Library for $1,000. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact

Mini Millie's Bookshelf

While the majority of our work is internationally-focused, we love expanding access to reading here in the U.S. too! Our Mini Millie's Bookshelf is a 4.5' tall locker converted into a free community library, decorated by a local artist. The Mini Millie's serves as a community hub for exchanging books, while also funding 20 refugee children's enrollment in a Millie's Reading Program abroad. If you or your company would like to sponsor a Mini Millie's Bookshelf in your neighborhood for $2,000, please contact