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Millie's Bookshelf is a 501(c)(3) humanitarian literacy nonprofit dedicated to ensuring access to reading materials and literacy programs in refugee settings worldwide. Show your support for the refugee community today & help us ensure every child fleeing war and persecution has access to a good book.

$5 = 1 book
$19 = 1 backpack
$50 = Reading kit for a refugee child enrolled in our literacy programs
Commit to changing a life right now.

April 23rd is World Book Day! Want to help us celebrate? YOU can provide brand new books for a Syrian refugee child by donating $25 today!*

Currently, humanitarian actors allocate only 3.6% of their budgets to investments in formal and informal education programs. Compounding this lack of investment in education is the growing problem of book deserts. In many refugee camps and low-income host communities, it is difficult or virtually impossible for families to get their hands on reading materials. Unfortunately, this has a negative impact on childhood development of pre-literacy skills that assist with language acquisition and socio-emotional development. We’re not satisfied with this reality. Are you?