Announcing the Opening of Sinjar, Iraq's First School Library

March 31, 2021

Following months of hard work, Millie's Bookshelf is proud to announce the opening of Hostler Library at Al Hateen High School in Dugure village, Sinjar, Iraq. Thanks to partnerships with Nadia's Initiative and local implementing partner Sunrise NGO, the trilingual (Kurmanji-Arabic-English) library features over 1,200 books and holds the unique distinction of serving as the region's first-ever school library.

Present at the library opening were the Director of Education for the region, Al Hateen faculty, and students eager to explore the new space. Upon seeing the library himself, community member Murad Madlin was delighted and shared,

"I had always wished to go to a library, pick a book, and read it quietly. But that didn't happen because we didn't have libraries. Now the first ever library is built. For my community, education has always been more important than anything else. I was always told your pen is the most powerful weapon you can have."

During the initial opening phase of the library, a full-time librarian will be funded by Millie's Bookshelf. Afterwards, responsibility for the oversight of the library will shift to the manager of the high school, funded by the education department. Following this project, Millie's looks forward to implementing new school library projects in the region to meet the large unmet need among Yazidi returnees to Sinjar.